Types of massage


Therapeutic massage is an ancient curing method. The goal of massage is to improve circulation and relax painful, cramped muscles. Massage removes toxic substances accumulated in the connecting tissues, and by improving the circulation of musculature, it also increases stamina. Massage decreases acute and chronic pain of the motoric system. It refreshes the skin and improves suppleness.


The method was developed in the beginning of the last century by the Danish biologist Dr. Vodder after a long period of research. Lymph drainage facilitates the flow of lymph through gentle, circular pressure and soothing movements. The massage ends the condition of oedema, the stagnation and accumulation of lymph between tissues. Metabolic waste is emptied sooner from the tissues. With intensive lymph circulation, wastes first get into blood vessels, then to the liver and kidneys, where they are transformed and secreted. Lymphomassage activates the immune system and metabolism, empties tissues of oedema, decreasing the pain in the involved organs. Indirectly it improves circulation, the nutrient and oxygen supply of cells. /Duration: 30 minutes/


Aromatherapy covers all therapeutic processes involving the use of fragrant plants, medicines and fragrant oils. Aroma therapy massage is relaxing, with stress release effect, applying gentle movements combined with oils or the combination of oils suitable for the patient’s condition. They increase the relaxing, energizing and vitalizing effects of the massage process. This type of massage can be generally applied for stress release, physical, spiritual and mental regeneration, energizing and the improvement of the body’s self-healing processes.
We offer the following therapies:
  • skin relaxation therapy
  • immune system strengthening and body care therapy
  • depression therapy
  • energizing, strengthening, alertness therapy
  • pain and inflammation decrease therapy
  • immune system improvement therapy
  • muscle relaxation therapy
  • concentration improvement therapy
  • breathing improvement therapy
  • cellulite therapy
  • relaxation therapy
  • stress release therapy
  • pressure decrease therapy
  • pressure increase therapy


The basic methods of reflexology derive from Asia, where the process was already applied two-three thousand years ago. Several forms are known today. Foot sole reflex massage is a favorite today, the reflex-zone massage of the back is a significant area of therapeutic massage. Protects and improves our physical and mental health quickly and without side effects. It prevents illnesses, and facilitates the body’s self-healing processes. This massage exerts its effect on the central nervous system, the circulation, and organs, by complex nervous networks.
With questions please contact the hotel’s therapeutic masseur.